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Training Tip

climber from takehold lv stretches


Before getting on the wall, especially when preparing for a high-intensity day (ie. bouldering, resistance training, etc.), the first step in your warm-up should be a series of activation techniques including self-myofascial release or ‘foam rolling’. Muscle compression increases blood flow which warms the muscle and loosens the surrounding tissue. It aids the parasympathetic response in bringing relief to sore muscles and is a great stress reliever! Focus on large muscles like those in your quads and hamstrings (thighs), glutes (booty), calves, and lats (back). On your smaller muscles, you can use your hands, lacrosse ball, and even a finger massager. If you find a particularly sore point, hold pressure for about 30 seconds and feel the tension melt away. If you aren’t confident in your foam rolling technique, find a buddy who is, ask a coach, or youtube a tutorial.

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    climber from takehold lv stretches


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