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Spheroids Medium

  • These are some of the best slopers in the line and some of the funnest holds to fall off of. This set features nice incuts, smaller pinches and endless variety. The split cobble design allows the difficulty to be adjusted easily, just turn the holds.
  • Hold Count: 5
    Size: Medium
    Style: Slopers
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Shaper: Jason Kehl
    Weight: 8.15 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Sheridan

These have been the perfect addition to my home wall. Mixes it up quite a bit from normal Crimps and jugs. I picked these because my wall is ~32 degrees and wanted to have a bit of a positive hold and these have been great. Something to note is that they are about 50% bigger than I thought they were. I thought they were like a little bigger than a baseball but these are more like a full step up bigger than a softball.

John DeFrancesco
Perfect Handful

The medium Spheroids are perfect for pinching or meat wrapping. Our wall has about a 30 degree overhang and these holds make you work to hang on but they make for fun dynamic catches. Can’t wait to get some more from this series.

Versatile slopers

Varying levels of the amount of the ball that is exposed providing varying levels of incut. Awesome for steep walls as sometimes normal half dome slopers are very difficult. These allow you to get your hand behind it even on a 45°. This set I particular I love because they can also be used as pinches. They range in size from baseball to softball. The sloped edges make this awesome to to force certain moves and accuracy.

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