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Wrecktangles Mega

  • The Wrecktangle with the most width but a lower profile. Depending on the direction of the set, this is one of the most positive in the line with a scooped out edge or rounded sloper.
  • Hold Count: 1
    Size: Mega
    Style: Jug
    Difficulty: Easy
    Shaper: Jason Kehl
    Weight: 7.24 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Tim Quick
Subtle yet surprisingly great to climb on!

Atheistically, the Wrecktangles holds look amazing! Super smooth and clean lines make this entire hold family super appealing to any wall!

At first, I wasn't sure how much I'd use this hold. I have a home woodie and space is always at a premium. A larger hold that resembles a simple box sticking out of the wall made me question if I could give up the real estate for a bigger hold. I fell in love with this hold, and the entire hold family actually, because of how much fun they are to climb on. Just by rotating the hold, you can totally revamp the way you set with it. Super positive or super slopey, its just a quick rotation of the hold. I'm totally sold on this line and think its a wonderful addition to any wall. I've added a few pictures so you can truly see the size of the hold.

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